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Block Or Forward Calls While Gaming 100% Working

Now Calls Will Not Disturb You While Playing Free Fire or PUBG or Any Other online Game which you want to play without any disturbance. as we all know, we are the gamers and if Someone calls us while gaming then it feels too annoying or disturbing. sometimes we even lost our game progress which receiving call or sometime we loose due to the disturbance received by the call.

So today I’ve came across to you with a new trick, by using this trick you will not get any calls while playing games and these methods are tested by me so don’t think that it will not work.

So I’m gonna show you 2 Methods by which you will not get any calls, 1st method is By running your data in Flight mode. I know you are thinking that how it is possible but let me tell you that this process is working in almost 60% devices. using this trick you can easily run internet while having flight mode on.

and if this method didn’t work for you then don’t panic, i have another trick for you which will work in all devices even in landline too. this is just a process of call Forwarding or call diverting process which works fine in all devices and this method is personally tested by me and i’m still using it because this method is very simple.

Method 1.

Activate Flight mode

Open Diapad then Dial ##4636##

Then Go to Phone Information.

Check the Radio Mobile Power.

Method 2.

Call Diverting.


activation:- 401 no. then call.

Deactivation:- *402 then call.


activation:- **21* no. #

deactivation:- ##21#

Idea. and BSNL Also Using same codes now.

activation:- **21* no. #

Deactivation:- ##21#

Hope you enjoyed this trick If you ever liked my tricks and tips then please show love to this content and subscribe RDX varun YouTube channel and share this post to most of the users you know.

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