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Exam papers are being leaked on the Dark Web

The world of the internet is like an ocean. There are many secrets beyond the common user’s understanding. What we see online is only a small part of the Internet. There are many hidden truths that most people don’t know about. Many people have heard the name of the dark web. Recently, after the exam paper leak, this phrase has come to light again. But what is this dark web? How does it work? Let’s know about this!

Basic Details of Dark Web

The Internet has a hidden part called the Dark Web, where both legal and illegal activities happen. Most people only use 4 per cent of the Internet, which is called the Surface Web. The remaining 96 percent of the Internet is made up of the Deep Web and Dark Web, a vast and hidden part of the online world. To access the Deep Web, you need passwords for things like email and online banking. The Dark Web, accessed through the Tor browser, is known for illegal activities like selling drugs, weapons, and child pornography. It uses a special technology called onion routing, which makes it very hard to find out who is using it.

Exam Paper Scams: A National Issue

The CBI found that the UGC-NET exam paper was leaked 48 hours before the test. The paper, which was exactly like the original, was sold on the dark web for Rs 6 lakh. It was then shared on Telegram by a group that resold it for Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000. As a result, the education ministry quickly cancelled the exam. People spend massive sums of money on illegal goods and services in the Dark Web’s hidden market. With such serious risks and dangers, regular users should avoid it and stay safe.

Secrets of the Dark Web

On the Dark Web, all user data is encrypted, making it nearly impossible to decode. Users rely on virtual currencies like Bitcoin for transactions, which helps keep their activities hidden. This means you can find everything from illegal drugs and weapons to even more serious crimes like extortion and murder. Scammers also use the Dark Web to sell smuggled items at low prices. The Dark Web is a mysterious corner of the Internet where illegal activities are a regular activity. In this hidden world, tracking down these activities is incredibly challenging.

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