How much? New Mano Pharaoh skin in Free Fire

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This week Garena will be launching another skin pack on the Brazilian and in Indian server too, the customization that is called “ Mano Faraó ” will be available in “ Luck Royale ” Free Fire , find out how much it will cost and among other information. The Royale Free Fire Choice with the skin “ Mano Faraó ” will be released next Saturday (17) after 00:00 ( GMT ), in addition there will be other items as part of the awards at the event.

The “ Mano Faraó ” Free Fire package can be divided into up to 5 parts , they are: makeup , hair , shirt , shorts and shoes .

See below the values ​​for each spin of the event based on the previous edition ( there may be changes ):

  • 1st spin  – 9 diamonds;
  • 2nd spin  – 29 diamonds;
  • 3rd spin  – 59 diamonds;
  • 4th spin  – 99 diamonds;
  • 5th spin  – 199 diamonds;
  • 6th spin  – 299 diamonds;
  • 7th spin  – 399 diamonds;
  • 8th spin  – 599 diamonds;

This way the user will use a maximum of  1,692 Free Fire diamonds  to collect the main event skin.


See below how the Choice Royale Free Fire event works  :

  • Eliminate  two prizes  before starting to spin;
  • After each spin the obtained item will turn  gray . The chances of catching the  big prize  increase with  each spin  and the  price  too;
  • You can spin up to  8 times , receiving all prizes (except those eliminated in the first step);
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