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Warning: STOP Playing FREE FIRE Or You Will Be Banned


It was confirmed that the oil barrel has nothing to do with the hack . That is, you can still be banned in any mode if you fall with someone you are using, so do not play. And answering some people’s questions, yes, you can normally enter the game as long as you don’t play in any of the custom modes or rooms. This includes the Training Island as well. The title of this post is quite scary, but believe it or not, this is the truth! What is happening is that a new type of hack has been used heavily in the last 24 hours, and it causes a ban on the account of all players who are in the game with the hacker who is using it.

How does this hack work? This hack works as follows: The individual who has the hack activated in the account, will explode in a barrel of oil , which will eliminate all players from the game. After that, when players return to the lobby, the message that appears when a Free Fire account is banned will appear . Somehow this hack makes the game detect all players in the game as hackers, rather than the one who is actually using it.

What will Garena do about it? :- So far Garena has not commented on the case. However, Youtuber and Garena’s official influencer, Nobru , reported in his Instagram stories that he has already passed everything that is happening to the Free Fire team. Anyone who has been unfairly banned should have their accounts back soon. That’s why we recommend everyone to play only after the new update

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