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Brazil is banned from the next World Cup

The five-time world champion Brazil, is facing some punishments from FIFA, which could lead to the suspension of Pele-Ronaldinho-Neymar’s team from international football. FIFA and the South American Football Confederation have issued a warning to the Brazilian Football Confederation, urging them to halt their attempt to remove President Ednaldo Rodriguez. It has been stated that if Rodriguez is sacked, the Brazilian Football Association may prepare to face its consequences.

In 2022, a court in Rio de Janeiro removed Rodriguez and his committee over allegations in the 2022 Brazil Football Association elections. Rodriguez appealed to the high court, but the lower court’s decision was upheld. FIFA, as football’s highest governing body, does not tolerate external interference and has instructed the Brazilian Football Confederation to internally resolve any issues.

If the Brazilian Football Association is expelled, they will lose all membership rights until the expulsion is lifted. This means Brazil’s national football team or any Brazilian club will be allowed to participate in any international tournament. The urgency to address and resolve internal issues within the Brazilian Football Association is crucial to avoid any consequences and maintain Brazil’s participation in international football.

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